When All Eyes Point To The Stage, Make Sure It’s United.


Leave Your Limitations Backstage.

We don’t believe in live show limitations, when your event exists to evoke special feelings in the audience, you need an event stage that supports this unique connection. Our project managers and production riggers work with you to learn about your show and your needs, to help make your live event spectacular.

Constructing your stage with only trusted stage deck brands, such as Steeldeck, StageRight, and our very own Uni-Dec provides the structural integrity to support the design capabilities. We’ve created circular stage options, raked stages, rough terrain solutions, and multi-tiered platforms that have been the canvas for countless remarkable shows.

Victoria's Secret stage, looking down center of stage from audience POV. Stage is washed in pink and white with the Victoria's Secret logo on a video wall in the center upstage.


We offer stage decks in 4x8, 4X6,4x4, 3X8, 3X4, 2x8,  2X4, 2X2 and 4ʹ triangular, and custom round sections.

Additional options include rolling stages for both indoor and outdoor applications. We can customize staging to suit nearly any situation, including tiered stages for seating risers, and choral risers. Staging applications include concert stages, drum risers, mix positions, choral risers, fashion runways, AV platforms, and camera support. We have a wide assortment of accessories including staircases, skirting, handrail, chair rail, and ADA-compliant access ramps.


The unique perimeter extrusion of Uni-Dec creates new capabilities for stage accessories that deliver versatility in both the range of accessories and on-the-spot adjustability.

With an in-house design and manufacturing team, you can capitalize on the capabilities of Uni-Dec with our designers equipped to fulfill your custom stage and accessory solutions.

Metal flat cupping accessory piece hooked into the custom extrusion on the outside of United Staging & Rigging's patented Uni-Dec stage decking. This piece has four small holes in the front for attaching things. It is silver in to match the sides of the Uni-Dec
Rental Staging Seating Riser


Level up your event with risers. Whether for the audience or the stage, risers enhance the grandeur of your event.

We provide multi-level seating and stage riser construction, completely customizable to your stage, venue, and performance needs.

Multi-level seating risers allow your audience better visibility and a more enjoyable event experience. Staging risers are great for orchestras, choirs, and graduations. Utilize risers as part of your theatrical set design.  Risers are a great place to hang sponsorship banners.

Risers utilizing our patented Uni-Dec stage decks allow you to combine even more elements, such as lights, LEDs, and customized fascias, to create unique designs that look great in person and on live TV.

Risers elevate your event, no matter what its type. Our project managers can help you design risers that meet all your event needs. 

Leveraging the strength of our trusted – your audience is in the safest hands.



Enhance your performance and achieve high-tech effects with the industry’s best stage truss roofing systems. Our roof structures are approved by engineers with high-wind action plans and onsite wind monitoring. Add rigging, sound wings, banners, and roof skins to create an outdoor entertainment venue that your audience will love. Ideal for outdoor festivals, community events, county fairs, concerts and more!

Available Dimensions: 20x30, 30x40, 40x40, 45x45,40x60, 45x65, 40x80,  URA 34x45 URA 45x85.

Custom roof system dimensions available.

Engineered Outdoor System

Bigger and better often means greater complexity and greater liability. There is enough risk and legality for you to worry about while making events. Put your mind and attorneys at ease when you rely on United Staging for your impressive outdoor structures. Our load-bearing structures undergo rigorous review by Licensed Engineering Firms that are entertainment engineering experts licensed in all 50 states. Only approved designs are installed. Installs are supervised by a United Staging qualified person.  Add Weather Monitoring for extra assurance for your insurance.

Weather Monitoring

Inclement weather poses serious risk to structures, installers, show technicians, and crowds. For prolonged or ongoing occupancy of an outdoor structure, rent from our collection of digital anemometers and Davis Vantage Vue Wireless Weather Stations. As an additional service, we can develop the High Wind Action Plan for your outdoor structure and supplement it with accurate weather monitoring and prediction through WeatherOps® Live Event Services. Don’t become a headline.

Outdoor stage at night with blue lights and "Thompson's Point" and "State Theater"banners on the front. POV is from the audience right of the stage. You can see up into the underside of the roof part to see all the trusses, towers, and staging and rigging structure. The sky is black. Barricades are on the ground in front of the stage. United Staging & Rigging


Protect stages and structures with water proof covers that utilize a Keder rail system. Keder systems are fast and easy to install and increase the efficiency of your load-in and load-out. Our Keder system rentals are a great option for displaying sponsorship signs and banners anywhere along our roof structure.

UNI-KEDER by United Staging

Increase the modularity of your design with versatile UNI-KEDER, our clever double-strut channel extrusions with Keder track slots along each corner. We combine the best of both worlds to create Keder-Strut compatible structures. UNI-KEDER is capable of horizontal and vertical orientation for use as a beam, support pillar, or partition column.

UNI-KEDER Features

  • Double-Strut Channel
  • Quad-rail Keder Rail
  • Strut Channel Compatibility
  • 1-5/8” Strut Channel Hardware
  • Pipe and Conduit Supports
  • 3/4” Plywood Partitions
  • Keder Channel Compatibility: 13mm Keder

Huge outdoor truss structure on a partially cloudy day. A gray keder roof skin covers the whole thing. Large city buildings are in the background. POV is above the roof looking down. A few people are on the ground under the structure. United Staging & Rigging


Ballast systems secure your ground-supported structures. This is especially important for outdoor stages that are subject to winds and offset structures like delay towers and video hangs. 

There are different types of ballasts:

Concrete ballasts are large concrete blocks that can come with or without rebar anchor points.  They are moved by forklift and are often anchored to a top rebar point using steel and ratchet straps. 

Good for placing outside the stage footprint where, once placed, they will not need to be moved until loadout. 

Water ballasts use the weight of water to hold down stage elements.  They come in many varieties such as water totes and folding frame water. Once in place, fill them with water. Water must be drained of properly for loadout.

With each cubic foot of water weighing over 62lbs, water ballasts are good for when you need a lot of counterweight. 

UNI-BLOC is our patented stage ballast designed specifically for the live-event industry.  With fork and pallet jack pick points on all four sides, and the ability to attach truss to the sides and top, UNI-BLOC is made to work with and into your stage design.  

It is also highly adjustable with a top-floating plate that allows for minute adjustments, even after truss is attached. 


Click below to learn more and see videos of it in action. 

Uni-Bloc, United Staging & Rigging's patented stage ballast on the ground outside with a short stick of 12" truss attached to opposite sides. It's sunny out and tufts of landscaped grasses are behind along with safety traffic cones.


Ringlock scaffolding is the best choice for outdoor concert stage systems, including front of house structures, console booths, and spotlight towers.

This scaffolding system puts your AV technicians and stage managers above the crowd and in control, even on rugged terrain. Add wind shields or a roof cover to prepare for inclement weather and protect your personnel and equipment.

When used in conjunction with a transom system, we can easily add stage decks to create any type of elevated and multi-level platforms for camera jibs, strategically positioned lighting equipment, and more.


Portable crowd control barricades go hand-in-glove with fairgrounds, festivals, outdoor events, and ticketing booths, where your audience needs guidance to navigate the space without chaos and danger.

To accommodate the different safety needs, we have various event barricade rental products that keep your audience a safe distance from the stage, sectioned-off prohibited areas, and control pedestrian traffic through the appropriate paths.

Event barricade brands in our inventory include Staging Concepts, StageRight, and bike rack barricades. The interlocking capabilities of each event barricade system allow you to create your own traffic flow in any configuration to make large spaces easily manageable.

Adjustable Corner Barricades

  • +/- 90 degree rotation
  • Cable Pass-Thru
  • Easy Locking Mechanism
  • Negotiates Uneven Terrain

Fixed Corner Barricades

  • Lightweight Aluminum
  • Rounded Top Rail
  • Seamless Tread Plate
  • Available Angles: 15, 30, 45, and 90 degrees

Straight Line Barricades

  • Lightweight Aluminum
  • Rounded Top Rail
  • Ramped Approach
  • Simple Single Bolt Connection

Gated Barricades

  • 24″ Gate Opening
  • 3′ ADA
  • 5′ FOH Access
  • 10″ Emergency Egress/ Vehicle Access

Line of silver barricade on ground of gray pavers. A barricade door is closest to the camera and is open. the rest of the barricade is covered in black with bright colors festival banners. There is a stage behind this you can only see the bottom half of.
Bike racks line the ground for safety during the live shoot of Nic Wallenda, aerialist, at Masaya Volcano in Nicaragua. #VolcanoLive TV and film crews are around getting ready to film.


Complete event rigging rental packages! We have the right rigging tools and equipment for making any event!

Multiple circular trusses hanging at various angles, with the diameter of each truss shrinking as the hang lower, creating a vortex or tornado shape. Circle trusses are hooked to automation motors in a mother truss "X" above it.


Let United Staging support your show with a complete stage truss rental.

Our stage truss rentals have been the skeletal structure for
an array of applications, from two-story outdoor trade show booths and concert roof structures ready to rock stadiums, to immersive art installations and experiential events.

Linear Truss

  • We have both TOMCAT and Total Structures brand truss.
    • Light-duty 12″ x 12″
    • Medium-duty 20.5″ x 20.5″
    • Medium-duty 30″ x 30″ plated truss
  • Spigoted Truss
    • Super Beam 13.7″ x 10″
    • Heavy Duty 20.5″ x 30″
  • Tower Truss
    • 12″ x12″
    • 18″ x18″
  • Standard available lengths: 2′, 3′, 4′, 5’, 6′, 8’, 10’
  • Truss hinge blocks
  • Corner blocks 2-way, 3-way, and 4-way 5-way, 6-way
  • Other brands we stock: JTE USA and Milos Structural Systems.

Circle Truss

Enhance the complexity of your design with eye-catching layers of truss circles or beautiful truss arches for a stunning truss
structure at any trade show, corporate or live event, concert series, and more.

  • Light-duty 12″ x 12″
    • Diameters: 8’, 10’, 12’, and 28’
  • Medium-duty 20.5″ x 20.5″
    • Diameters: 18’, 20’, 22’ and 40′


We wanted to create a unique solution for typical book end hinge and center pivot hinge blocks. Sustain safe working loads and increase angle measure range at every angled truss connection with our Structural Truss Hinge.

In addition to the Structural Truss Hinge, our stage truss rental inventory includes truss lifting brackets, truss hinge plates, and aluminum truss grapples for inline 90 degree connections.

Truss Hinge Features

  • 180˚ total pivot rotation
  • Supports 13,500 lbs. of axial force
  • Supports bending moment of 6kip*ft
  • Integrated eye attachment point rated for 1ton safe working load
  • Compatible with light-duty 12″x12″ and medium-duty 20.5″x20.5″ plated truss

chain motors hanging a circular grid with lights and some straight sticks of truss, also with lights, surround the circular truss. a camera jib is below the trusses on the ground. inside of a filming area.


That’s right, we have over 400 chain hoists in our inventory! 380 of them are CM Entertainment hoists by Columbus McKinnon! We also carry Chain Master BVG-D8 Chain Hoists and CyberHoist by CyberMotion™ in our rental inventory.

Chain Hoist Inventory

  • Quarter-ton, half-ton, 1 and 2 ton capacity hoists,
  • Standard 16 feet per minute lift velocity,
  • Some hoists with 32fpm and 64fpm lift velocities,
  • Chain lengths ranging from hotel ballroom to massive arena trim height,
  • Manual hoists such as chain falls and lever tools,
  • Accessories: chain hoist weather covers, chain bags, road cases

Portable electric power distribution and motion control systems available for rental include hoist control systems by Motion Labs and Skjonberg Controls Inc.


We carry all the rigging accessories from the leading industry brands: Crosby, Chicago Hardware, and Columbus McKinnon (CM). 

Our project managers make sure you'll have all the necessary accessories to hang your event quickly and safely. 

Rigging Accessories Include:

  • TWINTEX® Endless Roundslings by SpanSet
  • Gac Flex™ by Liftall Steelflex Stage Slings
  • Steel Eye and Eye Wire Rope Slings
  • Galvanized Aircraft Cable
  • Nicopress Swaging Tool Kit
  • Screw-pin anchor shackles
  • CM Special Theatrical Alloy (S.T.A.C.) Chain
  • Pear rings / Masterlinks
  • Turnbuckles
  • Structural I-Beam Clamps
  • I-Beam Trolleys
  • Schedule 40 Pipe
  • And more!

a shackle hangs in the foreground with blurred out rigging accessories in the background


Two workers in yellow safety vests and hard hats (one yellow, one blue) putting together an EXE DST Automation truss in an arena. This is a still shot from a United Staging and Rigging promotional video for its automation gear.
Dynamic Track System


Elevate event experiences with Dynamic Stack Track by EXE Technology. The DST52 system is a complete all-in-one automated rigging system perfect for scenic elements such as LED panels, installation art, kinetic architecture, exhibition artifacts, immersive experiences, and film.

Move, lift, and turn virtually any object in 3D space with precision with Dynamic Stack Track EXE.

EXE DST52 Modules

  • Motorized Trolley. Drive up to 1/2 ton elements along a linear axis of motion at top velocities of 67 feet per minute.
  • Rotation 360°. Create a rotational axis of motion that can rotate elements up to 6rpm.
  • Equipped with a foldable and stackable dolly.  Easily roll truss into place and  begin work without waiting for rigging to finish.
  • No special tools necessary thanks to the steel forked connections and built-in steel tracks.
  • Motion control provided by Kinesys, making this system easy to integrate with other Kinesys motion control systems.

Need a Kinesys programmer and operator? We offer that through our Automated Rigging Project Management services.


BROADWEIGH Load Cell Shackles

The Broadweigh load cell shackle features a high accuracy aerospace graded stainless steel load pin with a load centralizing bobbin as standard. Accuracy typically 1% of current load or ±25 kg (whichever is the greater value).

Built to withstand the demands of varying environments and weather, the Broadweigh shackle offers real-time load monitoring for rigging professionals, enabling them to monitor and log the precise loads on any given rigging point.

The Broadweigh shackle has a unique small head height design and can transmit up to 800 m (1/2 mile).


BROADWEIGH Load Cell Shackles features:

  • Zero Trim 5/8” Shackle
  • 5:1 safety factor
  • Anti-rotational bracket
  • Unit conversion for kg, lbs, tonnes, ton, ton (US), kN
  • Accuracy typically 1% of current load or ±25 kg (whichever is the greater value)
  • Fully weatherized (IP67)
  • Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC compliant
  • Supplied pre-calibrated

Two blue and black rectangular load cell parts, one higher than the other, with a motion labs load cell to the left. All on a plain white background. Promotional Image

MOTION LABS Load Cell Shackles

Developing New Load Cell Technology for Better Performance.

Since the introduction of the stainless steel link model in 1995, Motion Labs has re-designed the electronics of the load cell shackles for enhanced performance.

MOTION LABS Load Cell Shackles Feature:

  • 5:1 safety factor
  • stainless steel
  • Available in 2Ton, 5Ton, and 6Ton capacities



Need trade show booth curtains and drapes for your upcoming expo? We stock a variety of length and width pipe and drape systems. 

Our telescoping pipe systems stand up to 20' tall and attach together to create whatever width(s) you need.  Slip on drapes and you're good to go.  


Create backstage areas or absorb light and sound for film and recording studios with our diverse drape options.  Hang proscenium stage legs, borders, and drops with custom-made, flame resistant heavyweight theatrical soft goods, by ROSE BRAND or I.WEISS. 

Contact us for the full range of colors, sizes, and materials available. 

Warehouse shelves of drapes and other soft goods bagged and labelled, ready for rent