Audience risers that have orange on the front fascia of each riser and faux wood paneling on the top. White two-stepped stairs are set between each riser level. Image is cropped in a funky hexagon for design effects.

Risers meet UNI-DEC.
UNI-DEC meet risers.

Whether they’re in the audience or on the stage, adding risers can really level-up your event. 

By combining scaffold with our patented UNI-DEC,  you can have risers in almost any shape or size imaginable. It also means you have all the functionality of our UNI-DEC to make your risers unique.

Attach fascia, banners, or LEDs to the front or sides of the risers. Wow your audiences, showcase sponsors, or make cool video effects for TV.  You imagine it, we’ll create it.

Need Ideas?

Check out some risers we've built.

Engineer drawing of a multilevel staging risers. A large rectangle platform is in the front with stairs leading to it. Behind that is a large set of seating risers that is almost the same width as the front flat piece, but goes up 21 levels.
Engineering mockup of riser platforms. This one is mostly rectangle with a couple small wings in the back. Stairs lead up to the rectangle in the front. In the back, between the wings, is a 4-level tiered risers for LED Panels.