Modular, versatile, & customizable accessories for UNI-DEC

UNI-DEC was created with versatility in mind.  All four sides feature perimeter extrusions on both the interior and exterior edges.  This allows you to attach multiple accessories to each UNI-DEC.  You can even attach UNI-DEC to scaffold builds using our transom attachment. 

We stock a wide variety of UNI-DEC accessories.  Need a special attachment you don’t see below?  Our CNC Fabrication experts can create a customized one to fit your needs. 

The only limit to what you can build is your imagination. 

POV: Backstage of outdoor stage, looking down the line of the stage decks. Stage built on ring scaffold with safety rails attached to the side closest to the camera. Stage is on white plastic flooring (terraplast), with other staging equipment stored under the decks. SKy is blue with a few wispy clouds. United Staging & Rigging

UNI-DEC Attachments

Below are some of the many UNI-DEC attachments we have in stock.  Mix and match multiple attachments to create amazing and unique stage designs.  If you need an attachment that you don’t see below, let us know and our expert designers and fabricators can make it for you.  

Easy to use. Easy to move. The only limit is your imagination.